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Making a Makerspace: Creating Self-Sustaining Recess/Lunch-Time Visits

The primary goal of the Makerspace in the first two months of existence has been to allow students to pursue their own individual and group projects with as little support necessary from any adults. For the first month, I was … Continue reading

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Making a Makerspace: Two Weeks In

The Makerspace has now been open for two weeks. Two exhausting but exciting weeks. Two weeks of learning, for the students and for me. When I put together the concept of the Makerspace, I planned for three types of sessions: … Continue reading

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Making a Makerspace: The Physical Space is (relatively) Finished!

The last time I posted about our Makerspace, I had finished my first month of research and planning. I was just beginning to put together my “pitch” and share it with those who might be interested in supporting the effort. … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Maker Faire through Lytro Images

Had a great time at Maker Faire this year, so much so that I really want to get a MakerSpace into our district soon. I took my Lytro camera with me, snapping photos of those things that really spoke to … Continue reading

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