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Making a Makerspace: Two Weeks In

The Makerspace has now been open for two weeks. Two exhausting but exciting weeks. Two weeks of learning, for the students and for me. When I put together the concept of the Makerspace, I planned for three types of sessions: … Continue reading

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Making a Makerspace: Tools for Coding & Robotics

My last post on the Makerspace detailed the building of the space. Okay, it didn’t detail it – detailing it would have included the double coat of paint I had to do on the green wall, that the IdeaPaint didn’t … Continue reading

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Making a Makerspace: The Physical Space is (relatively) Finished!

The last time I posted about our Makerspace, I had finished my first month of research and planning. I was just beginning to put together my “pitch” and share it with those who might be interested in supporting the effort. … Continue reading

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