The First Ravenswood Makerspace Open House

Today we opened the Makerspace all day to families and the greater community, with an incredible showing! We had children and adults in the space building, painting, exploring, and sharing with one another.

Thank you to everyone who took their Saturday morning and afternoon to see what we are doing for our students.

Excited for the next phase!

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2 Responses to The First Ravenswood Makerspace Open House

  1. Jen Bloom says:

    These pictures are amazing! They really highlight all that’s possible in Markerspace. Sorry to have missed the Open House and looking forward to seeing the next phase!

  2. Bruce Duncan says:

    Congrats, Robert and your colleagues, on continuing to explore and expand these engaging and creative approaches to learning. Fun to see the growth/evolution of your Ravenswood Maker Space.

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