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Oh no… wait, phew! (“Undo Send” in Gmail)

Quick post, but one it quickly seems I should share because of the immediate replies and favorites on Twitter… I was about to send an email. A business email, in fact. A business email to someone at one of the … Continue reading

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The EduGlass Saga Continues… (Thank You to EduGlass Supporters!)

As some of you know, I went to bed on Friday with $69 left to raise in my quest to get to two-thirds of the total cost (with tax) of Glass sponsored rather than shipping Glass back to Google. I … Continue reading

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Into the box or… (The final Glass post?)

I’m off to bed (after catching up on The Daily Show), with $69 left until I reach the goal I’ve set of 66% funding by the end of the week. Since there is technically 54 mins left until the end … Continue reading

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24 hours… Glass or No Glass?

Five days ago, I thought up the idea of getting sponsors to allow me to keep Glass for use in classrooms across East Palo Alto and Menlo Park. Unfortunately, I had already made the request to get the box to … Continue reading

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Expanding the Use of Tech in the Classroom

As I began to think about my attempt to gain sponsors for Glass, it made me think about an infographic (at the bottom of this post) that came my way a few months ago. I especially started to think about … Continue reading

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Glass in the Classroom?

Before I receive my box from Google to return Glass, I wanted to put out this request to the Interwebs: Is there anyone willing to sponsor my continued ownership of Glass for educational purposes? First, the reason for returning. I … Continue reading

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ISTE 13 Reflections – EduFamily

Before I start, let me preface this by saying there is no edtech in this post, no cool tips, no new tools. That will all come at another time. I’m not sure how much this is like my past ISTE … Continue reading

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