STEM Coordinator? How’s That Going?

I started my new role as the STEM Coordinator on August 1st. The first question I get is asking what I will be doing. Well, for the most part, I will be in classrooms, supporting teachers in getting technology integrated into their classroom instruction. I will also be sharing tools on, meeting with companies and other districts who can support us in our move toward getting a STEM focus into all classes, Kinder through 8th Grade.

Next question: Do you miss being out of the classroom? My answer… not yet. Right now, I’m doing what I would always be doing, finding new tools and figuring out the best ones to be used in the classroom and getting all the technology up to speed. Yes, I’m not setting up my own classroom, but I have helped Jenna and another friend or two set up their rooms, so I feel covered in that realm. As far as actually having students goes, we’ll see. Next Thursday, when everyone else has kids in their room, then we’ll see how I feel. Odds are, yes, I will miss being out of the classroom.

Trust me, I know it will be different. I’m not trying to kid myself or make it seem like I know exactly how teachers are feeling. I know I can use the bathroom whenever I want. I can get lunch off campus without students knocking on my door the whole time. I don’t have to be in there with the class for three more hours when I can tell they are exhausted (and I may be too).

If I get too far from the classroom or forget what it’s like, tell me. Seriously, call me out on it. Please.

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1 Response to STEM Coordinator? How’s That Going?

  1. Kevin says:

    “Seriously, call me out on it. Please.”

    Ok. You have an impressive list of accomplishments.

    So, what are some of your (now former) students’ accomplishments? Shouldn’t you be listing that? How are you former students doing? Have the ones you tried to push ahead (assuming you tried) stuck with it? Are the successful ones still successful?

    I am a STEM teacher. I’ve been at it a little longer than you. I too went to a selective university and chose the path less traveled. And as you rise up the edu-admin-chain I ask that you think about this: what matters more, what a teacher says he’s done or what his students can actually do.

    Here’s mine: one of my former students just got accepted to UVA. First in her family to go to college. But I won’t consider it a success until she becomes the successful (insert profession here) I know she can be.

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