Into the box or… (The final Glass post?)

You can tell it doesn't want to go into that box, can't you?

You can tell it doesn’t want to go into that box, can’t you?

I’m off to bed (after catching up on The Daily Show), with $69 left until I reach the goal I’ve set of 66% funding by the end of the week. Since there is technically 54 mins left until the end of the day, I’m waiting until tomorrow morning to drop Glass into the box. If I wake up and haven’t made it there, then I guess it’ll be going back to Google.

But I’ve secured over $1000 from a total of 12 supporters, so I really don’t want to have to stop so short. So, know anyone who has some ideas for what we could do with Glass in education and wants to support? Or someone who wants me to wear their company’s shirt in Glass pictures?

Please share if you’d like.

Google Form (also embedded above)

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