24 hours… Glass or No Glass?

Five days ago, I thought up the idea of getting sponsors to allow me to keep Glass for use in classrooms across East Palo Alto and Menlo Park. Unfortunately, I had already made the request to get the box to return Glass, as it was approaching the 30 day mark. I’d also promised Jenna I wouldn’t be paying for Glass, as I needed a new computer and committed to only making one large purchase.

Since then, I posted my request on my site through the post “Glass in the Classroom?” and have received commitments from ten people/companies totaling $795.

The amazing thing? The requests include going to a nearby high school to show and share Glass, being completely honest about the pros/cons of Glass in the Classroom in regular posts, and granting wishes for a tech club as the Google Glass Genie. And I would’ve done those things anyway… except for the fact that Glass didn’t work for me as a day-to-day purchase so I couldn’t justify spending that kind of money for a classroom experiment. If teachers made a bit more, maybe I’d have that kind of excess income.

Wouldn't you like to see kids as excited as these two?

Wouldn’t you like to see kids as excited as these two?

So now I’m nearing the 24 hour mark, as I have promised to box up Glass tomorrow night and drop it in the mail Saturday morning if the funds haven’t been raised, which with ~$700 left to raise in one day seems likely, unless this somehow makes its way to some people/companies who are passionate about expanding the limits of edtech in the classroom.

Google Form (also embedded above)

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