A Twitter Name Change

After reading @JennBrokofsky’s post and following @KarynTeaches’s name change, I’ve decided to make a Twitter name change of my own.

Why? Basically the same reason as Jenn… to better connect my in-person persona with my twitter persona. I started speaking at conferences a year ago and had to add my Twitter name to my slides in order to make the connection for those who follow me online. Now, by switching from @teach24_7 to @Pronovost, I have no strong need to add that tag to my presentations, business cards, and emails for others to make the same connection. Of course, I may still add @Pronovost to the bottom of my business card, but the only problem I have to worry about now is someone misspelling my last name. Unfortunately, my high school principal mispronounced it at graduation, my current school district misspelled it for my first district email address, and so many tend to mentally shorten the name to provost.

Just remember, this Pro says No boast. Err, Vost. Well, at least you can know you’re not the only one to have had trouble saying the name.


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