Closing Circle (Open Sourcing My Classroom)

Onto part two of my open source project: Closing Circle.

Closing Circle is the end of every day, where we sit back on the carpet in a circle and share our reflections on the day. First, I open the floor to what students liked in the day and why and they use the structure “I liked ___ today because _____.” Not hard and fast, but that’s the general response. Anyone who also liked that thing can say “Me too,” and gesture with their thumb toward themselves.

Only the child holding the ball can share and they choose the next person by tossing the ball underhand to someone with their hand up while saying their name. Once everyone has shared who wanted to, or it reaches five minutes, we move onto compliments, where you can compliment someone for something in the same way.

That’s how we end our day, but I’d like to add some conflict resolution to it and make other changes to make it a true completion to each school day.

Ideas? Advice? Things you’d do differently?

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